» Getting to see the real thing...

Our images don’t really show themselves on a computer display, least of all by way of a browser. The subtle hues, but also the drama, don't survive. Particularly the textures, important as they are in visual art, can’t be conveyed as they should.

On the Picture Gallery page an image can be selected on its content. By way of a "click here" method as explained there, a large version may be downloaded. But even in this way a satisfactory impression of the printed pictures is out of reach.

We’ll gladly welcome anyone who’d like to see their beauty for real in our studio in Oudendijk, a tiny hamlet along the Westfrisian omringdijk (“girding dike”).

        But please make an appointment!

telephone+31 229 542722
addressRuurd & Mieke Groot IWACC
 Lange Weide 6
 1631 DL Oudendijk
 the Netherlands