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• we can’t stock all images as printed pictures;
   ordering in advance is therefore advisable
• one may order by telephone or e-mail, or by writing
   to the address given below
• state the number shown with the picture; to avoid confusion,
   add the viewing date and the caption of the image
• state the intended size and finish (plain, laminated and/or framed)
• if a natural wooden frame is wanted, please state so clearly
• give us your name and address, and/or telephone number or
   e-mail address
• the time required, the cost and the method of payment will be
   determined by mutual agreement
• on receipt of your order we’ll acknowledge by return,
   confirming the production period etc.
• collecting pictures from our Oudendijk studio in West-Frisia is
   simplest, of course!
• cf. the “Prices” and “Delivery” pages
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